Meet Ryan

Founder's Experience

With a rich history of entrepreneurial ventures starting from a young age, Ryan Borg, the founder of Precision Point Malta, brings a wealth of diversified experience to the realm of accounting and financial consulting.

Accounting Expertise:

Ryan’s accounting career was set in motion through the prestigious PwC Academy, where he was sponsored to start his ACCA qualification. This invaluable experience at PwC not only honed his financial knowledge but also instilled a rigorous work ethic and commitment to excellence in the field of accounting, tax, and auditing.

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PWC Christmas Party

Progressing to Tri-Mer Services Limited, Ryan worked closely with clients across various sectors, conducting audits, managing accounting functions, and preparing tax computations. His role demanded a blend of technical expertise and client-facing skills, further enriching his proficiency and understanding of diverse financial landscapes.

Tri Mer Team Building
Tri-Mer Team Building Activity

The transition into the industry with a significant role at VistaJet Malta marked a pivotal moment in Ryan’s career. As part of the group consolidation team, he not only furthered his education in accounting but also led a critical project to transition to a new consolidation software. This role extended beyond traditional accounting practices, involving technical accounting challenges, software integration, and even delving into basic levels of coding. It exemplified his capacity to bridge the gap between accounting and technology, showcasing his adaptability and forward-thinking approach.

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VistaJet Consolidation Team

Now, at the helm of Precision Point Malta, Ryan is dedicated to delivering top-tier accounting services that embody precision, reliability, and innovation. With a unique blend of traditional accounting prowess and modern technological solutions, Ryan and his team are poised to guide clients through the intricacies of Maltese financial regulations, ensuring success and growth in an ever-evolving business environment.

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Precision Point StartUp

Business Expertise:

Ryan Borg’s business journey is a testament to entrepreneurial spirit and savvy from a remarkably young age. Engaged in family ventures in both retail and printing at Best Print Malta, Ryan’s early exposure to business management laid a solid foundation for his future endeavors. At just 15, he embarked on his first independent project, creating and distributing Maltese Christmas cards across the island—a venture that not only showcased his initiative but also his ability to identify and capitalize on market opportunities.

Ryan Rugby 1
Rugby Falcons RFC

By 16, Ryan had taken his entrepreneurial ambitions further, managing the startup and operations of a bar alongside his father’s takeaway business. This successful venture provided essential funding for Falcons RFC, a rugby club led by his father, underscoring Ryan’s commitment to community and teamwork.

Bar 1
Bar Management & Takeaway Business

At 19, Ryan made a significant investment in real estate, developing airspace into two apartments and a duplex penthouse, which he successfully sold. This project not only demonstrated his foresight in investment but also his knack for design and development.

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Apartments & Duplex Penthouse

The culmination of these experiences is seen in his latest venture, SeaHollyGozo. Here, Ryan applied his accumulated business acumen to develop, design, and operate a boutique hotel. His hands-on approach and strategic management have ensured its success with minimal day-to-day involvement on his part.

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SeaHolly Gozo Construction Process

With SeaHollyGozo established, Ryan now focuses on Precision Point Malta, bringing his extensive business expertise and innovative spirit to the accounting and financial consulting sector. This new venture represents the latest chapter in a career defined by strategic foresight, entrepreneurial drive, and a proven track record of successful business management and development.

Romantic Room 6 1
Romantic Room at SeaHolly Gozo

Now, with a dedicated small team at Precision Point Malta, Ryan is poised to offer personalized, high-quality accounting services, aiming for long-term success and growth. Through a blend of traditional accounting services and modern, tech-driven solutions, we are here to become your trusted financial partner, navigating the complexities of Maltese financial regulations together.