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Part-Time Work Forms TA22 & TA23

Understanding Malta's Part-Time Income Tax Rules

Eligibility Criteria – Full-time employees, pensioners, and students registered with Jobsplus as either part-time employees or self-employed individuals are eligible. For self-employed individuals, maintaining proper records and VAT registration is necessary if applicable.

Tax Rate – Effective from January 1, 2022, part-time workers, whether employed or self-employed, benefit from a favorable tax rate of 10%.

Income Thresholds – Special part-time tax rates are applicable on the initial EUR 10,000 of employment income and EUR 12,000 for self-employment income.

Income Reporting – Any income exceeding these part-time thresholds must be included in the annual tax return alongside other sources of income.

Online Submission Process – Individuals can file their taxes online using their e-ID. Self-employed individuals should use the TA22 form, while part-time employees use the TA23 form if FSS deductions were not applied.

Filing Deadline – The annual deadline for submitting part-time income tax returns is April 30.

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Rental Income submitted through TA24 Form

Taxpayers may opt to pay tax on all rental income at a final withholding tax of
15%. Final withholding taxes of 15% is applicable on both residential property
(from basis year 2014) as well as commercial property (from basis year 2017).

Deductions are not available against final withholding taxes.
The 15% final withholding tax rate is calculated on the gross rental income
received. Furthermore, the final withholding tax of 15% applies to both
residents and non-residents, both as recipients of rental income as well as
occupants of leased property.

To benefit from a final withholding tax of 15%, taxpayers must complete the
prescribed TA24 form either manually or online and submit it within the
prescribed period.

Furthermore there one can also claim a tax rebate for private residential leases. One also have the option to submit rental income as part of the standard income tax return which might be beneficial especially if you are paying a loan against the rental income.

Refer to Tax Legislation here -> Manual Taxation of Rental Income.

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Income Tax Rates 2024

Tax Rates 2024
Chargeable Income (€):FromToRateSubtract
Single Rates09,1000%0
60,001and over35%8,725
Married Rates012,7000%0
60,001and over35%9,905
Parent Rates010,5000%0
60,001and over35%9,050